Listed building restoration





Grade 2 Listed Building work

Owning and maintaining a Grade Two Listed Building comes with many responsibilities. While few things can beat living or working in an older property, there are often restrictions on craftsmanship and work that need to be adhered to whenever you undertake renovations or refurbishments. With this in mind our experienced stone masons will take care of every aspect of your stone working project to make sure it meets all expectations.



grade 2 listed bridge having restorative work completed underneath by person in high-vis

Using our experience and understanding

Being the age that they are, Grade 2 Listed Buildings and bridges often need extensive restoration and repair work. Conserving these beautiful structures takes considerable skill as well as a real understanding of the best materials and conservation techniques. We'll use our tools and experience to preserve the appearance and integrity of your listed building ensuring that it continues to look stunning for many years to come.

Being part of history

Preserving the historical and architectural heritage of Northumberland is a cornerstone of our work. Bespoke Masonry specialises in the restoration of listed buildings, breathing new life into these cherished structures while maintaining their original charm and integrity.

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