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Welcome to Bespoke Masonry, specialist stone masons in Northumberland. We have over 23 years of experience repairing, restoring and creating beautiful stone pieces. From bespoke fireplaces to restoration work on historical buildings, we have the team and the tools to create something amazing for your property.

We are a small family run company with an experienced team who are passionate about crafting unique stone carvings that will enhance, improve and complement your building. Whatever you are looking for, if it can be made out of stone, you can rely on us to make it for you. We also offer free delivery to anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Morpeth.





Fireplace Stone Mason in Northumberland


Every home is unique and your fireplace should reflect that. Our bespoke stone fireplaces are crafted to suit the style and shape of your property and will give your room real elegance and refinement.

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Archway Stone Mason in Northumberland


Ensure that your guests and visitors are impressed with a beautiful stone archway that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property. Archways can be used to provide structural support or as standalone features.

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Grade 2 listed buildings and bridge Stone Mason in Northumberland

Grade 2 Listed Buildings and Bridges

If you would like to undertake work on a grade 2 listed buildings or bridges, you’ll need a specialist stone mason to maintain the appearance and integrity of the structure. We have extensive experience working on listed buildings and will ensure the significance of your building is preserved.

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monument Stone Mason in Northumberland


Whether you want to remember an important historical figure or create a modern sculpture, stone monuments are both stunning and impressive. Whatever your idea is, if it can be made out of stone, Bespoke Masonry can create it for you.

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Restoration Stone Mason in Northumberland

Restoration Work on Old Buildings

If you are in need of repairs, restorations or a completely new stone structure, our experienced team of stone masons will be ensure that any work matches perfectly with the style and décor of your existing building.

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typography, headstone Stone Mason in Northumberland

Head Stones

Remember your loved one with a bespoke head stone that can be decorated and finished any number of ways.

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Garden wall Stone Mason in Northumberland

Garden Walls

Unlike any other kind of wall, a stone garden wall will provide a stunning boundary that will not only provide you with privacy but will last a lifetime.

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Building Stone Mason in Northumberland


Stone buildings are both visually impressive and aesthetically pleasing. If you wish to construct a stone building, we have the tools and knowledge to ensure that yours is built perfectly.

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Why Choose Bespoke Masonry



Our stone carvers have accumulated experience that runs over 50 years.


We pride ourselves on our reliability and always complete work within agreed timeframes.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities really are endless; we can craft almost anything out of stone.






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Where We Cover

Bespoke Masonry is based in Morpeth and we provide stone mason services across Northumberland, Durham and surrounding areas. We are happy to deliver finished pieces for free, anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Morpeth. Please contact us if you need a completed piece delivered further afield.  

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