Memorial masonry





Headstones that stand the test of time

Here at Bespoke Masonry, creating beautiful headstones for relatives and loved-ones is one of our most important responsibilities. We will work with you to make sure every detail is as you need it, as well as making sure your memorial conforms to cemetery regulations, and is crafted to a superb level of work.



hand carving letters in stone slab for headstone

Working with you at every stage

A stone memorial will provide a loving tribute for someone who has passed and unlike other materials will really stand the test of time. We will work with you to create a custom, unique piece that will reflect the character of your loved one. If you have any special designs, typography and decorations in mind our experienced stone masons will be able to combine your ideas in a stunning head stone. Please get in touch with us at Bespoke Masonry, if you are looking for a stone mason in Northumberland, Durham and Morpeth.

Helping people cherish memories

Bespoke Masonry understands the profound importance of memorial masonry. We create lasting tributes to honour the memory of your loved ones. With attention to detail and empathy, we design and craft memorials that pay homage to cherished individuals.

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