Stone Archways





Beautiful construction built to last

A stone archway provides an impressive entrance to any building and will be sure to wow your visitors. Suitable as entrances or as standalone pieces, we can craft stunning archways that will not only look great but have excellent load bearing capabilities. Contact us at Bespoke Masonry if you are looking for a stone mason in Northumberland.



stone archway in garden surrounded by trees with a stone slab path leading away

Safety in design

With our archways we take the utmost care to conform to architectural standards, ensuring the safety, solidity, and long-lasting splendour of your stonework lasts many decades after we have completed the assignment. If you are interested in adding a stone archway to your garden or outdoor space, get in touch with our team to arrange a quote.

Archway building and repair

Our superbly crafted stone archways add a touch of timeless elegance to any architectural project. Whether it's for a residential entryway, a garden pathway, or a commercial building, Bespoke Masonry brings craftsmanship to life through these skilfully designed and expertly constructed stone archways.

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