Stonework fireplaces





A beautiful centrepiece for any living area

In a traditional home, the fireplace is one of the highlights of the entire house. On dark winter nights, with a well-kept fire, the living room feels warmer not only physically, but the place becomes more welcoming. With our fireplaces, the stonework will complement the design of your home, and serve as a longstanding and charming focus to the household. These are also superb additions to pubs, restaurants, hotels, and traditional offices.



stone fireplace and black traditional fire in livingroom with clock on mantelpiece and wood chippings in black metal basket

Tradition and refinement

Add refinement, elegance and beauty to your living room with a bespoke stone fireplace. Our stonework fireplaces are unique pieces which are designed to match the style and décor of your property. You can let your imagination run wild and commission a fireplace that is experimental or create something a bit more traditional. Get in touch to tell us about your design and we will create a lasting fireplace that will last for generations.

A stunning focal point for any home

Bespoke Masonry in Northumberland crafts exquisite stonework fireplaces that serve as both functional heating sources and stunning focal points in your home. With a keen eye for design and a deep appreciation for the art of masonry, we create fireplaces that seamlessly blend with your interior while adding warmth and character to your living space.

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