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Fireplace masonry



Add refinement, elegance and beauty to your living room with a bespoke stone fireplace. Our stone fireplaces are unique pieces which are designed to match the style and décor of your property. You can let your imagination run wild and commission a fireplace that is experimental or create something a bit more traditional. Get in touch to tell us about your design and we will create a lasting fireplace that will last for generations.

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Archway stone mason



A stone archway provides an impressive entrance to any building and will be sure to wow your visitors. Suitable as entrances or as standalone pieces, we can craft stunning archways that will not only look great but have excellent load bearing capabilities. Contact us at Bespoke Masonry if you are looking for a stone mason in Northumberland.

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Bridge stone mason


Grade 2 Listed Buildings and Bridges

Being the age that they are, grade 2 listed buildings and bridges often need extensive restoration and repair work. Conserving these beautiful bridges and buildings takes considerable skill as well as a real understanding of the best materials and conservation techniques. We’ll use our tools and experience to preserve the appearance and integrity of your listed building ensuring that it continues to look stunning for many years to come.

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Monument stone mason



If you have a commission to build a sculpture, memorial or monument, we have extensive experience carving a range of unique pieces. Any idea can be turned into an amazing stone monument, and we’ll guide you through the design process from sketches to scaled working drawings. When you’re happy with the design, we’ll get to work and bring your ideas to life.

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restoration stone mason


Restoration Work on Old Buildings

Over time, pollution and heavy weather can all take a toll on the stonework in a building. It is important that the integrity and appearance of your old building is maintained and we will conduct a detailed survey to identify the work that needs to take place. We’ll procure the same type and colour of stone and use this to ensure that any restoration looks absolutely flawless.

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Head stone typography


Head Stones

A stone memorial will provide a loving tribute for someone who has passed and unlike other materials will really stand the test of time. We will work with you to create a custom, unique piece that will reflect the character of your loved one. If you have any special designs, typography and decorations in mind our experienced stone masons will be able to combine your ideas in a stunning head stone. Please get in touch with us at Bespoke Masonry, if you are looking for a stone mason in Northumberland, Durham and Morpeth.

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Bridge wall Stone mason


Garden Walls

A garden wall made of stone will add real refinement to your property. They will provide you with complete privacy and clearly define the space in your garden. Whatever the size and shape of your property and garden we can construct a garden wall that will enhance and improve your outdoor space.

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Traditional stone mason building



Stone is an extremely beautiful material that is unmatched. Not only does it look stunning and age beautifully, it is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. If you are looking to construct a new stone building we have an experienced team who have worked on a variety of projects both big and small.

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If you are seeking a stone mason in Northumberland, contact us at Bespoke Masonry to arrange a consultation and quote.

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